In most Colleges & Office Campuses we will have WiFi connections. But in most situations, we are provided with a Login credential to access the WiFi and these accounts will have restrictions. Many of the websites like Facebook, Torrent etc. will be blocked. This can be a very wrong choice of Internet connection in most situations.




Most of these kind of restrictions are made possible by gateways like Cyberoam. These will provide an interface for setting different kind of restrictions for the users who uses the WiFi network. It can be Blocking Websites, Download Limit, Usage Limit etc.

What we do if our Favorite website is blocked or stuck at a Download in WiFi ? There are a lot of tricks on the web today, but most of them won’t work! So, here I am going to share a tip that I found working recently for Unlocking all websites in Cyberoam or such College/Campus WiFi managers!

  • All you need to have is an Extension/Add-on for your web browser (works with Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox and mobile platforms like iOS & Android)
  • Gom VPN is a wonderful Extension for the web browsers and it can simply byepass all restrictions by using automatic proxy settings
  • Just Install the Extension by using the following link and then Follow the on screen instructions


  • Once you have installed the Extension, activate it by pressing the Gom button seen on the right side of the Address bar

Gom VPN is completely Free and can be downloaded by using the following Link. This is applicable for all browsers (Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox) and for Smartphones (Android & iOS)

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