There are many people chat with me or call me for any Computer related helps. But, most of them were seeking help for a same thing, Online Money Making! There can be seen a millions of results in Google while you search for a 100% trustful Money Making methods in Online. How do you find the correct one that is suitable for you?


There are millions of FAKE websites that offer you quick online money making, but you will get cheated once you proceed with those websites. Also, it is important to decide what method suits you based on your skills. So, here I am going to describe some 100% working (I personally tried it all and worked) methods for Online Money making:

All these are described briefly so that you wont get confused with a bulk description. Read all of them carefully and decide what suits you best. On thing to ponder is that you need extreme patience for this field since no one gets rich by one day…

NB: Only methods are given here, not full details. So please read these and then proceed to Google Search with these terms…


This is the most simplest and fastest way to make money online! You can post your own videos on YouTube and Monetize them. As many views as your video get, the more you will earn! The working is simple:

  • If you have interest in a specific topic, or you have a special skill, or have something interesting to share with people, then try to make an impressive video on that. (eg: Cooking, Handcrafts, Dance, Racing, Tutorials,  ShortFilms etc.)
  • Make sure you have a Google Account. If you don’t have one, create one.
  • Now, go to YouTube and upload your video. You will get a channel page and many settings that they will lead you on how to use those settings.
  • Among those settings there is one called Monetization. Enable it! (remember the word… MONETIZATION)
  • In your video Edit page, you can do the same for enabling monetization for that video
  • 2.jpg


  • Now you have enabled ads on your video!
  • Share the video maximum to get Views. If your video get enough view rate per day… then you will get a fair amount as Earnings!!!
  • Once you reach $100 a month, you’ll get paid into your bank! (Bank account settings etc. will get available as you start monetizing…)


For those who are interested in blogging (like me) and knows how to do it, then this is the right choice! Choose a trending topic and start a blog/website like this and Monetize your website with Google Adsense. The most simple ways to start a blog are:

Once you created your blog, you will have option there to monetize your website with the Google Adsense account. Choose a trending topic and update your blog/website regulary… (eg: Mobile Phone Reviews, News Sharing, Tips n Trick etc.)

With Google Adsense, you can post ads on your website/blog and you will get paid for that. Make sure you have a fair amount of views to your blog/website per day by maximum sharing.


If you are skilled in Computer field or any other field, like drawing portraits, illustration, video editing, copywriting, logo making, slogan making etc. then you can choose Fiverr. is a website where millions of people with skills make profile and do their skills for a small amount of payment. For example, one will draw your illustration for just 5$! You can also do the same, whatever skill you have let it be technical or not, just go to this website and Register.

You will be directed to make an awesome portfolio of your own based on your skill and once you get hired with people, you will start earning!!!


If you are a good Photographer or Illustrator, then you have this choice! is a large collection of premium Photographs, Vectors, Illustrations, Video Footages etc.

If you can make any of these mentioned items creatively or have excellent skill in Photography then go to the above link and create an account. In this website you upload the content you own (Photo, art whatever) and for each download of your content by a user, you will get a payment!

Make your your work is unique and high quality, especially the Photographs, most of the people didn’t make it at the first time!


This method is only meant for App Developers! If you are skilled in Mobile App development, or in Game Building then you are at the right place!

You can earn from the apps in two ways:

  • Ads in apps
  • Selling apps

If your Game/App is of high quality and works well, then you can sell it on  the App Store (iOS/Android/Windows/Blackberry). You can collect a small amount from users for each download.

Otherwise, you can place ads on your App/Game by using Google AdmobIt allows you to display some ads on your app and you will get paid for that!

These are most reliable methods that I found to be working nowadays. All these five methods are tried and worked! If any of you didn’t understand these feel free to comment below. It is very time killing to post all the details here so that’s why I just gave the basic details. Soon I will try to make a series video on this 🙂 Please don’t forget to Share this…

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