Facebook only allows its users to change their username or the URL of their Profile for a limited time. After a certain limit, the user will not be able to change their username. When we try to change our username after maximum limit, It will show a message like:

There was an error while setting your username: Username has already been modified too many times.

What if we want to change the username for just one more time ? By default it is not possible, but for every problem there is a solution!

Here is how we can change the username of our Facebook Profile after reaching the Maximum  Limit. All you need to do is the following steps:

  • First of all, you need to Create a new Page for some tricky process 🙂 This page will serve the following step
  • You can create a page from the Developers section
  • One you’ve created a new page, go to the Settings page of that Page
  • In the Page Info section, click Facebook Web Address and then click Create a web address for this page?
  • 3.png


  • Now, give your Current Facebook Profile Username and then Proceed. It will ask you to transfer your username for that web page, click Transfer username


  • That’s it, now your Facebook Profile Username will be reset. You can add a new one from the Settings page as usual 🙂
  • 7


Please note that this tutorial also will work only for limited time. So, decide your username finally and make sure you don’t make any mistakes 🙂

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