Adding tags in Facebook can let people know when they’re in photos or other things you share. People you tag can receive a notification so they can see your post. The post may also go on the person’s profile and appear in their friends’ news feeds. But these days, people tag others with no reasons even if they are not related with that post. This feature has become so annoying for those who don’t want to receive such tags or annoying.

In this post, let us see how we can prevent others from tagging us in their Posts/Photos/Videos that are not related to us. Also, let us see how we can set our privacy to hide the posts in which we are tagged, but we don’t want it to appear on our timeline.


  • Go to the Settings of your Facebook account
  • Open the Timeline and Tagging tab
  • Set the option Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your Timeline? to Enabled

enable-timeline-review (1).png

  • That’s it! now the posts in which you are tagged, will not appear on your timeline. Enabling this option will notify you to review whenever someone tags you in a post.

Please note that this will not completely disable the tag feature on your profile. Unfortunately facebook does not provide such an option. You will have to receive notification whenever you are tagged in a post, and if your friends are too crazy in that matter, then it will be still annoying!

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