Pokemon GO is an awesome Augmented Reality Game for iOS and Android that was developed by Nintendo and has became trending all over the world. It became the most popular game and hence the download rate of the Game increased dramatically so that the servers can’t handle it! If you wasn’t able to download the game, click here



Everyone is busy with playing Pokémon GO and are gone mad with that nowadays! Lots of people are now searching for Cheats and Hidden tricks like “getting Pikachu first time/increase walking speed”. Is there any possible Cheats for the game ? Of course! there are several Cheats and Hidden tricks for Pokemon GO that are checked and found 100% working! Here I am gonna tell you those tricks:

Get Pikachu as your first character: Getting Pikachu is the need of almost all Pokemon GO players. Here is how to get Pikachu in the very first attempt!

When you start the game, the Professor will ask you to catch your first Pokémon – normally Squirtle, Charmander or Bulbasaur. But rather than catch one of them, just walk away until your phone vibrates. You’ll be prompted again to catch one of them. Walk away again until you get the next prompt and repeat this five times. Then Pikachu will appear and you’ll be able to capture it as your starter 🙂

Capture wild Pokémon easily: Dry leaves are used to show where wild Pokémon could be found. Once you try to capture a wild pokemon, the game will shift and use your smartphone camera to show the creature in augmented reality. The white ring surrounding it will change depending on how likely you are to capture it – smaller is better. When it turns to green, then it’s time to throw your ball.

Increase walking distance(Hatch eggs without walking!): The most common asked pokémon cheat is that how to increase walking distance without walking in case there are 10km requiring eggs – which means you’re in for a lot of walking if you want to advance in the game. But there is a trick, that placing your phone on something that spins (like cycle wheel etc.), and letting it spin around, will increase your walking distance in no time at all!

Random Pokemon spawns: Those green fluttering leaves have frustrated Pokémon Go players from the beginning: Does it mean a Pokémon’s there? Nearby? Is it a red herring? From what we’ve been able to tell, those leaves indicate a Pokémon spawn point! If you hang out in that vicinity for long enough, you have a chance of seeing a creature!

Get bonuses: There are special catch bonuses that can help improve (though not guarantee) your chances of keeping that Pokémon locked inside that Poké Ball rather than breaking free. Here are some bonus earning tricks:

Nice 10XP – You want to catch the Pokémon at the moment the circle is at its widest. That usually means throwing while the circle is at its smallest, and attempting to land straight on the Pokémon’s head.

Great 50XP – You want to catch the Pokémon when the circle is exactly halfway and it requires crazy timing. Ideally, you want to toss the ball when the circle is two sizes away from its biggest size, and land square in the center of the circle.

Excellent 100XP – You need to catch the Pokémon in the direct middle of the circle when at its smallest. This move is easier to attempt on smaller Pokémon (like Eevee) instead of bigger creatures, because of where their heads are positioned relative to the circle. To score the bonus, wait until the circle is pretty small, then toss your ball straight on.

Curveball 10XP – Comes with a near-guaranteed success rate at catching the Pokémon — you can spin the Poké Ball in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction until it starts vibrating, then toss it toward the Pokémon. I find this method pretty difficult to achieve regularly, so I often do an alternate method: Instead of curving, then tossing, I put the side of my thumb on the screen and throw — the contact patch makes the game think I’m spinning the ball before throwing.

Hope you are satisfied with these tricks. We are trying to collect more tricks and you also can help us improve this article by posting tricks in the comments 🙂

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