How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock for iPhone by IMEI Number


The iCloud lock issue affects millions of iPhone users around the globe. Generally, the most affected users are the ones who have fallen for old and used gadgets from internet markets, families, consociates or other second hand merchants.

Since they are not capable to use the regular technique for iCloud lock elimination which necessitates going to the nearest Apple service store they are unable to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock and thus use their phone.

When asked Apple to repair the device, there is a strict requirement that you provide ownership proof. Which means that a legitimate warranty along with the original receipt must be presented in order to verify that you are the actual owner. This safety measure is required due to stolen or lost reports. Thus apple has no other option other than iCloud activation lock.

apple has no other option other than iCloud activation lock.

Anyway, here are some of the advantages of using this method.             

  1. No registration required.
  2. Bypass iCloud by having your device with you
  3. Resolve iCloud activation lock permanently
  4. Roughly takes few mins
  5. No special requirements.                                                                                                                      The list of all the advantages can go on and on. Yippee.  However, it is important to realize that the iCloud activation lock is getting difficult to unlock as there are a lot of fake services being provided and the situations are getting worse.Save the world, this method bellow is the solution to Bypass iCloud Activation lock.

    The complete procedure takes merely a couple of minutes and fixes the problem forever.


    Bypass_iCloud_Activation_Lock_for_iPhone.jpgIn order to bypass iCloud lock on your iPhone go to Wi-Fi settings and tap the “i”, which is adjacent to the Wi-Fi symbol.

    Follow the steps to remove the existing DNS on the handset. This method will work for iOS 8.0 to 9.2.

    1. Type the new DNS according to your location given below:
    2. For USA/North America, type in
    3. For Europe, type in
    4. For Asia, type in
    5. otherwise, type in
    6.    After that tap “back” and finally tap “done”.

    The moment it is done; you will see some text displaying “You have successfully connected to my server.”

    Completing this tap on the menu on the top right will enable you to access various functions like Social, Internet, Maps, mail and many more. Though, it is a temporary method, but you can permanently bypass the iOS 9 activation lock by following the steps below.

    1. Firstly, tap “menu”.
    2. Search for “applications” and tap on it.
    3. Next tap on “Crash”. Post which you will return to the home screen, and you will see the Apple logo.
    4. Now select the “language” and “country”.
    5. Press the home button post which go to Wi-Fi settings.
    6. After that tap on the letter “i” adjacent to the Wi-Fi symbol.
    7. Find the “HTTP PROXY” and go to “menu” under it.
    8. Make sure the address bar is empty and tap on the “Globe” on the keyboard.
    9. Next type 15-30 characters casually and then type “8888” in front of Port and tap on Back.
    10. Now tap next.

    Once you are able to bypass iCloud, slide the unlock and keep tapping on the language options for not less than 3-minutes! After completing this, you will be able to access 3 apps – Phone, Facetime and Newsstand. Nevertheless, every time you open one of them you will need to restart the iPhone.

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