How to Use Pen drive/USB as RAM [RAM Booster Trick]

Hi Guys! Searching for Ram booster Trick or any trick to increase Ram ?. Facing problem of low/less RAM in your computer eventually leading to a lower performance of your device. Use this Ram booster trick . The trick to use your USB Flash Drive/Pen drive as your ram. Yes guys you heard it absolutely right that (pendrive) small data carrier can be used as RAM. If it’s a general scenario then just get a new RAM installed in your computer system, but if using some special software or only at some points of time then, This solution is increasing RAM using pendrive(USB) is for you. Here i will teach you how to use your pen drive as RAM.


Their is a very simple and easy way to use your pen drive as RAM for your windows system. It is also known as ram boosting or USB as RAM Trick. You just have to follow the following steps correctly and be patient to get good results for boosting your system’s memory to play your favorite games with high graphics .



STEP 1: Do format your pen drive even if empty but format it any way.

If you don’t then your data would be gone.

STEP 2: Right click on pen drive icon and open  properties.

STEP 3: A window pops up ,

In this window click on ready boost this window set the maximum space to be change to RAM and click on use this device. Click in apply and then click Ok to use your pen drive as RAM. yeah !! It’s all we completed our pen drive to ram conversion .

NOTE:  Don’t remove the pen drive while doing some operation it will crash or freeze your system as you removed the ram. But if by chance it happen then don’t worry guys just plug your pen drive (your ram booster USB) again and restart your system it will go right for you.

To let your pen drive work normal again  just reverse the steps. Open ready boost in properties menu and click on Do not use this device.

It’s dead simple task to convert your pen-drive to ram, again to make it normal and use as pen drive.



  • Using your pen drive as RAM will shorten your pen drive’s life. Pen drive life is limited to a number of write which seems to be quite large while using it traditionally but when we use pen drive as RAM we make thousands of transactions per second which reduces the life span of your pen drive so make use precisely. Actually i experienced that with my one pen drive 😉 not suddenly but after a year of continuously using that USB as ram booster.


In conclusion, I would recommend you to prefer using your stock RAM and to increase your RAM install a new but i some special cases using some high end software you can use this trick to increase your RAM on a temporary basis. Finally if you like a article , share this article with your near dear ones as sharing is a powerful way of saying thanks. Drop a comment ♥ as your comments boost our motive to write more articles for you☺

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