How to download a Website using HTTrack.

Usually, we don’t have the internet connectivity all the time and if in between we want to access a website, we get struck. So in this article i will tell you about how to download a website.

So, let’s start, how to download a website using HTTrack, follow these easy steps.


1. First you would like to download HTTrack software. It’s a free tool and you’ll get it here.

2. After the software package is downloaded, install it on your laptop and launch the software.

3. You can see a window same as below. Here each website is treated as a new Project. Click on Next to continue.

how to download a website

4. A new window can appear asking for a project name and category. Enter them according to your wish. Here you can see Base path which is that the location where you want to save your website. Click on Next to continue.

how to download a website

5. Here you have to enter the website address (URL) within the text space provided and you’ll use the Action choice in keeping with your requirement. in this case, just leave it as download website(s) and click on on Next button.

how to download a website

6. Now another window appear, just click on finish button and your download will be started.

7. Here you can see the status of your download. Wait until the website is downloaded to your computer. If you wish, you’ll cancel the download by clicking on cancel button.

how to download a website

8. Now click on view error log to check for errors. If you discover any errors like duplicate of websites then fix them manually. If you discover additional errors, then it’s better to download another copy of the website again by using HTTrack.

9. You can see your downloaded website by clicking on Browse mirrored website button. Click on finish button to download another website to your laptop.


10. You can also open the website in another way. All you need to do is, simply head to the base path (here C//:User/Mywebsites) i.e. the location where you’ve saved your website. There you can see index.html file. just click on that file to open your downloaded website.

how to download a website

I hope you have got understood how to download a Website. Plz like and share this article.

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